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Precious Haven's program components are designs for the redirection of inappropriate behavior and the improvement of academic performance. Offering children choices and rewards, as well as holding them accountable via consequences for inappropriate behavior, help encourage independence, productivity and responsibility. 

Precious Haven's employees are committed to the mission and values that guide our organization. Adherence to these simple, specific principles ensures that we offer the very best, most effective help to every child in our care and provides the foundation for our organization's dynamic growth

At Precious Haven, we believe that teens in crisis are best served in a home-like setting that emphasizes personalized interactions, close supervision and comprehensive professional support. In this supportive therapeutic environment, students benefit from the guidance of caring professionals who know them not merely as clients, but as unique individuals with specific strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears. The Youth Care environment is built upon a foundation of mutual respect. Our students are expected to treat staff and peers with respect and in return they can expect to be treated with respect. 

Our goal is to return children to a less restrictive environment to continue their progress, with their family when possible, or therapeutic foster care when it is not.

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